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Tatiana Bezvesilnaya

I chose a trichologist for my daughter here at the Institute. Signed up for a month, and were asked to bring all the tests we have taken elsewhere. We have studied the analyzes, we still need to pass them to check the iron level. We took up the treatment of seborrhea adiposa. They prescribed to take purified sulfur and shampoo. Well, we'll see in a month! Hope for a Miracle. They said everything will be fine, be patient!!!


In the summer I came to see the doctor Yulia Serheevna with a problem of hair loss and scalp inflammation. I passed a blood test as directed, after that I received a treatment algorithm - both vitamins inside and topical medical care. The problem was solved, now the hair is better than before the problem. I definitely recommend.

Tatiana Mikhailenko

I rarely write reviews, really!!! But this is a different case. Three years ago I got to know the Trichology Institute in Kharkov. For a long time there have been problems with hair loss. I contacted AMD in Kiev, Ana Cosmo and ..... nothing happened !!!! Quite by chance, on the Internet, I found some information about a medical institution in Kharkov!!! I was desperate because at that time the situation got worse, and the appointments that were recommended in the above mentioned clinics, alas, did not help !!! Then I called back to Kharkov and they signed me up for a consultation (I live in Poltava). Doctor Yulia Serheevna performed diagnostics, made appointments and ..... after 1.5 - 2 months I saw the result!!!! You know, people, you have to go through this in order to understand the delight that I experienced!!!! Many thanks to all the staff of this specialized institution, you are doing magic!!!! I wanted to write a review, but it turned out to be a confession ... I highly recommend trusting the doctors of this institute!!!!! Their appointments work, and most importantly there is a result!!!!

Olga Krivchikova

The best specialists in the city. Professional medical workers. Sterility. Individuality in the appointment and care of each patient. Turned to this clinic with my 7-year-old child. I recommend this place.

Bohdan Litovskiy

Experts in their field! I know not from the treatment, but from the reviews of people who are very familiar and close to me. They help here!

Tatiana Chernomorets

They are excellent professionals in their field!!! Responsive, attentive, always ready to help. I wish there were more such caring doctors.

Inna Klapchuk

My daughter and I have been going to the institute for a long time. The specialists are of a very high level. It is very cozy and we are always greeted with a smile! I recommend!!!

Olha Ponomareva

Excellent specialists and very nice administrators!