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Consultation of dermatologist

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A comprehensive examination of patients with skin diseases and neoplasms begins with a thorough examination and detailed examination of the condition of the skin using modern specialized equipment. During the assessment, specific diagnostic methods are used: digital dermatoscopy, fluorescent study, dermatological tests to identify hidden symptoms, if necessary, a biopsy. During systemic examination of patients with chronic dermatoses, a number of laboratory parameters are assessed: complete blood count, biochemical blood test, markers of systemic inflammation, coagulogram and other studies.

Detailed data collection during the consultation focuses on the symptoms of the disease, the causes of the onset or exacerbation, the time of onset, and the previous treatment methods are taken into account. A dermatologist evaluates the clinical form of the disease, the degree of activity and severity of the process, which further affects the choice of treatment method based on a complete, detailed examination of all skin integuments, examination and analysis of rashes: determination of color shades, configuration, shape, number, location of rashes ... We consider analysis of comorbid conditions that may cause or aggravate skin manifestations and a history of skin diseases in family members.

All this data allows us to make a correct and accurate diagnosis, to select the necessary and effective methods of therapy. To determine the optimal course of treatment, our experts carry out a comprehensive analysis of the collected data and draw up an individual therapy program for you.