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I have been using the services of this clinic for about a year. Friendly and efficient staff. The first, after numerous doctors, made an accurate diagnosis and prescribed treatment that really helps. I am especially grateful to the doctor Yulia Sergeevna. I recommend to everyone!

I applied to the Trichology Institute for the first time back in 2012, when I unexpectedly discovered a decent size hairless spot behind my ear (alopecia areata). The first reaction is panic and fear, for a 37-year-old woman this is still a problem. But after receiving Yulia Sergeevna Ovcharenko, who explained the reasons and prescribed treatment, she calmed down somewhat. And when the focus began to overgrow, I was convinced of the effectiveness of the appointment. And of course, there was confidence in the doctor herself. It is important for me that Yulia Sergeevna is in constant development as a specialist: various conferences, scientific work, the use of the latest drugs, the introduction of progressive procedures at the Institute. Her knowledge helped me.

Therefore, when three years later another situation arose - the hair on my head became less and less (androgenetic alopecia, inherited from my mother), I already knew who to run to. Now I try to be under constant supervision at the Trichology Institute in order to adjust the appointments and maintain a positive result. In addition, every day I see my mother, who did not take any action at one time and, now, by the age of 75 she almost completely lost her hair.

TRICHOPIGMENTATION is a separate discovery in my life, which I would never have known about, if not for the Trichology Institute. Diana Nikolaevna Dorosh, who performed trichopigmentation for me, just has golden hands. The procedure turned out to be painless, does not require any special actions after it and is VERY EFFECTIVE. How happy I was when, after the first procedure, I saw my hair in the mirror, which looked much thicker, and after the second, even better. And it's great that the question of all sorts of daily bouffants, sprinkling with various means and painting over was removed.

Thank you for the excellent service, individual approach to each client, cozy atmosphere and special thanks to the qualified staff. I was very pleased with the result
I would like to express my gratitude to Julia Sergeevna and Inessa Mikhailovna for a very interesting course, modern material and the ability to inspire to develop in a very interesting and promising direction - trichology! Everything was great, thank you very much!
Completed the TU course in 2011 year. It is even more ground-based, occasional, and also practical for organizing. Allowing to memorize hair loss for a doctor dermatologist. Look for diagnostics and treatment broadenings and not even worsening hair on the principles of evidence-based medicine. І deny the moral right to name oneself as a "trichologist" for its completion!
On behalf of the staff of the Healthy hair center clinic, we would like to thank the entire staff of the Trichology Institute under the leadership of Yulia Sergeevna Ovcharenko for the warm welcome and the knowledge gained!