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Beautiful and healthy skin determines a person's status and characterizes the degree of attention to his overall health. The primary task of the specialists of our medical center is to help patients understand the numerous procedures that are so widely advertised today, create their own beauty plan, and also navigate them among the many cosmetic products to maintain the health of their face.

Esthetic cosmetology includes an integrated approach, which involves such procedures as facial cleansing, complex skin type care, massages, peels, non-injection mesotherapy (Oxy jet). It is indicated at any age for all patients wishing to improve and maintain their skin condition. At the same time, regularity is the key to a stable and visible result.

Injection techniques, which are currently intensively used for correction and prevention of age-related changes, are actively used in our center. They are gentle and necessary continuation of regular care and allow you to solve many of the tasks that the doctor and patient set for themselves. We use only modern methods and techniques; we use the best and certified drugs that have proven to be effective in the world practice.

You should remember that the synergy between the patient and the cosmetologist is the key to an ideal stable result, and regular skin care is a necessary part of the lifestyle of a modern person. It is excellent medical training, clinical experience outside the framework of dermatovenereology, open-mindedness, desire and ability to learn that allow the specialists of our center to successfully realize the wishes and dreams of our patients.





How often should I see a cosmetologist?
In order to answer this question, you should atend an initial consultation, at which the doctor, taking into account your previous experience of cosmetic manipulations, age, current skin condition and concomitant diseases, will draw up an individual program that takes into account the wishes of the patient, indications and contraindications for the procedures. The key to success here lies in the fulfillment of all appointments, as well as feedback between the patient and the doctor.
What are the key features of skin care during adolescence?
The adolescent period is often accompanied by the appearance of rashes associated with the hormonal formation of the body, genetic predispositions, as well as the nature of the diet. A meeting with a beauty expert in this case is necessary to make a diagnosis, determine the need for consultation with related specialists, a combination of professional and home external care, as well as drug therapy. This complex will prevent problems and complications in the future, as well as the psychological consequences of dissatisfaction with their appearance.
What is the role of lifestyle and nutrition in keeping your skin healthy and young?
The role of lifestyle and proper nutrition in keeping your skin healthy and young is very important. By lifestyle modification we mean giving up of bad habits and food, good sleep, drinking sufficient water, timely monitoring of health status, and reduction of stress levels. All this, along with proper cosmetic care, are puzzles that will allow you to look perfect for many years.
At what age is it considered correct to start the prevention of age-related skin changes?
This question is the most frequently asked and relevant and is determined by the degree of critical perception of yourself and the patient's psychological need for face care. Our task is to determine, together with the patient, the final result of our joint efforts and the ways of achieving it, as well as the expediency and necessity of certain techniques. We always take into account the availability of indications for cosmetic procedures in a particular patient and his wishes at any age (up to 18 years old with written parental consent).
How to choose the right method of age-related changes prevention?
The selection of the method is carried out together with our beauty expert at the consultation after determining the isotype and morphotype of the patient, his social activity and readiness to fulfill all the doctor's prescriptions. You should remember that the protocol for each patient is drawn up individually, there is no universal procedure that would solve all problems, and only an integrated approach makes the achievement of the desired result possible.
How quickly does the patient return to his usual way of life after cosmetic procedures?
You should remember remember that some procedures have a rehabilitation period and may be accompanied by peeling and redness (for example, face cleansing and peeling), swelling, soreness and bruising after the procedure (mesotherapy, biorevitalization, contour plastics, thread lifting). Therefore, when planning a plan of procedures, important dates and events are always taken into account, and the terms of rehabilitation are discussed in advance with a specialist. It is also important to follow all the recommendations that the patient receives without fail after the procedure performed in order to level the expected consequences of the procedures performed.


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