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Dermatoscopy is a modern informative diagnostic method that allows you to identify skin pathology without damaging its integrity. The method is painless, has no contraindications and does not require special preparation of the patient. Dermatoscopic examination of individual skin formations is carried out using special equipment (dermatoscope), which allows, without surgical intervention, to "look" inside the mole, evaluate its type, structure and determine its good quality and the need for removal. For an accurate diagnosis, special dermatoscopic criteria are used that correspond to histological changes in the skin. Dermatoscopy of skin neoplasms allows you to record changes at the earliest stages of degeneration, when several more months may pass before changes are visible to the naked eye, which makes it possible to remove an atypical formation on time. In the clinic TRICHOLOGY INSTITUTE, a special digital video dermatoscopic system FotoFinder is used for dermatoscopy of neoplasms, which does not require its removal and diagnoses without damage. Using the unique FotoFinder equipment, the experts of our clinic perform a digital analysis of skin formation and can record all its characteristics for further observation in dynamics, which allows monitoring its condition for a long time and detecting pathological changes as early as possible. All dermatoscopic images are stored in a secure database, after the examination, the patient receives a printout of the examination results with dermatoscopic images and further recommendations. For pigmented skin neoplasms, the sensitivity of the dermatoscopy method is about 96%. The results of many studies have proven that the use of dermoscopy increases the number of correct diagnoses by more than 40%.

In what situations should a dermatoscopy be performed?

  • You have a rapidly growing mole or an existing mole has changed its characteristics (shape, color, size) in a short period of time
  • You have injured a birthmark
  • You have decided to remove a mole for aesthetic reasons, but you want to be sure that it is not dangerous
  • You have a large number of moles (> 50) and new ones constantly appear
  • Your close family member has been diagnosed with melanoma or other skin cancer
  • You have a congenital mass in areas of chronic friction that sometimes becomes inflamed
  • You want to be sure of the good quality of the skin lesion
  • For the purpose of prevention, once a year for people with a light skin phototype, owners of freckles and those who are regularly exposed to ultraviolet radiation
  • In order to clarify the diagnosis for chronic skin diseases

Dermatoscopy equipment

The TRICHOLOGY INSTITUTE clinic is equipped with an ultra-modern equipment park. FotoFinder Medicam 1000 is a recognized leader in diagnostic systems in dermatology, trichology, dermato-oncology and provides the clearest images in video dermoscopy. The strong optical zoom of the Medicam 1000 camera provides magnification with continuously variable live-zoom technology. Thus, both the patient and the specialist can see full resolution directly during the screening process. An additional polarization option provides an assessment of dry dermoscopy and immersion. Thanks to powerful LEDs and special software, we can document skin, hair and nail conditions with clinical and macro images. The FotoFinder video dermatoscope allows the use of various software modules for digital diagnosis and dynamic observation of many skin and hair problems.