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Psychotrichology. Psychiatric and psychosocial aspects of hair diseases

ed. M. Jafferani, Y. Ovcharenko. - Kharkiv: Publishing house "Charisma plus", 2022. - 416 p.

The publication "Psychotrichology" is a fundamental work in the field of hair research, based on the great clinical experience of the authors and laying the foundation for the development of an independent medical direction. For the first time in world science and practice, the authors of a collective monograph have collected, analyzed and systematized unique material on the psychiatric and psychosocial aspects of hair diseases. The work popularizes the idea of ​​the expediency of an integrated approach to the diagnosis and treatment of trichopathologies and reveals a new facet of the science of hair, emphasizing its fundamental and interdisciplinary status.

The book is addressed to dermatologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, pediatricians, family doctors, pharmacologists, hair transplantologists and specialists in aesthetic medicine.

Collector's copy signed by all co-authors 90 euros

Management of patients with alopecia areata: clinical recommendations

Ed. Y.S.Ovcharenko, I.M.Serbina. - Kharkov: Publishing house "Charisma Plus", 2021. - 100 p.

Clinical guidelines were developed based on the analysis of protocols of international and national levels, the results of the work of the International Consensus Group of Experts, adapted to the domestic pharmaceutical market and is the result of scientific studies conducted in Ukraine, which substantiated the need to expand criteria for selection and control of the effectiveness of treatment for alopecia areata.

Presented diagnostic and therapeutic methods of alopecia areata.

The publication is addressed to doctors - dermatovenerologists, general practitioners - family medicine, pediatricians, medical psychologists, psychotherapists, as well as to patients suffering from alopecia areata, their families.

Atlas of Trichoscopy

We are engaged in the search and integration of the most relevant information in the world of trichology for native specialists and specialists in Eastern Europe. In collaboration with the team of the Ukrainian Hair Research Society and the world acknowledged leaders of hair science several monographs and almanacs dedicated to hair diseases have been created.

The term "trichoscopy" was first proposed in 2006 by the group of Professor Lidia Rudnicka. During the creation of this diagnostic direction, scientists have developed indicating trichoscopic markers of most trichopathologies, described the criteria for monitoring the activity of the disease and monitoring therapy based on the results of numerous original studies.


The collective monograph, created with the participation of leading world experts in dermatology and genetics, discusses modern aspects of diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp in children. The concise but comprehensive text gathers a unique material on current views on trichoginesis and gene regulation of hair proteins, special features of treatment of children with hair loss and trichoscopic diagnosis in pediatric practice. The work describes rare clinical and pathogenic data and differential diagnostic algorithms of hereditary and congenital atrias, hypotrichoses and hair shaft defects. The widely represented material complements the description of pathologies.


The collective work, edited by the world's leading specialists in dermatology - Abraham Zlotorski (Jerusalem) and Jerry Shapiro (New York) discussed modern aspects of diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp diseases. The monograph highlights a very wide range of issues: from the fundamentals of the hair follicle biology and modern methods of hair research to therapeutic approaches to the treatment of the most common trichological nosologies. The second edition of our book highlights the advanced achievements of recent years, which has contributed to a better understanding of aspects of the normal functioning of hair follicle various sections, as well as to clarify the pathogenesis of many trichopathologies, presents innovative methods for treating hair diseases and the results of research on the efficacy of known drugs. Particular attention is paid to new methods of diagnosis in trichology. Most chapters contain updated information reflecting modern views in this area. In addition, four unique sections on trichoscopy and hair transplantation have been added to this edition. The manual is addressed to practitioners, interns and students.


This issue of the journal "Dermatologist" is a testament to the interest of dermatologists in the study of hair. It contains data on the latest achievements and scientific knowledge in the field of hair biology and clinical trichology, much attention is paid to scalp topical dermatosis. In particular, the issues of scarring alopecia, which is characterized by the irreversibility of the process and is a complex diagnostic and therapeutic task. Rare materials on the study of photosensitive dermatoses with localization on the scalp, as well as articles on the scalp aging and associated conditions, of particular social significance of which are pre-cancerous / cancerous diseases, are presented for you interest. The lack of a common opinion about the causes of the appearance and regularities of the course of alopecia areata makes the problem of studying the connections in the pathogenesis of this dermatosis an urgent one. Practicing dermatologists will be interested in the results of original studies of alopecia areata immunomorphology that will allow to develop pathogenetic approaches of therapy taking into account the stage of the pathological process.

One of our tasks is promotion of accessibility of European and world medicine, to elevate the professional level of specialists and to ensure them being informed about the latest achievements of foreign research in the field of dermatology. The Ukrainian Academy of Dermatovenereology has become one of the key organizers of the 17th Congress of the European Hair Research Society (EHRS2016), an ideological mastermind and ally. For better understanding of the scientific and practical information provided at the congress, as well as for those who could not attend the event, the Ukrainian organizers conducted a careful work on translation of the abstracts of all the reports presented at this meeting into Russian, which we publish in the issue symbolically dedicated to scalp diseases.