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Topical treatment of dermatoses

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In dermatology, correctly prescribed topical therapy determines 70 percent of the effectiveness of treatment. It is recommended individually, the choice of a drug depends on the pathological process, its stage, depth and localization of lesions, pharmacological properties of the drug, its concentration and dosage form. Active substances in the form of solutions, emulsions, powders, varnishes, gels, creams and ointments can penetrate transdermally, providing a therapeutic effect or work on the surface, providing a protective effect. The duration and frequency of administration of topical drugs is determined by the physician in accordance with standardized treatment protocols and European guidelines. The topical products prescribed by the specialists of our clinic are registered and availablein pahrmacies.

The main goal of therapy:

  • Elimination of the cause of the disease
  • Elimination of pathological changes in the skin
  • Elimination of subjective sensations
  • Protection the skin from harmful external factors

The duration of treatment depends on the nature of the pathological process, its prevalence, stage of the disease and regression of the pathological process.