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Beautiful and healthy skin determines a person's status and characterizes the degree of attention to his overall health. The primary task of the specialists of our medical center is to help patients understand the numerous procedures that are so widely advertised today, create their own beauty plan, and also navigate them among the many cosmetic products to maintain the health of their face.

Esthetic cosmetology includes an integrated approach, which involves such procedures as facial cleansing, complex skin type care, massages, peels, non-injection mesotherapy (Oxy jet). It is indicated at any age for all patients wishing to improve and maintain their skin condition. At the same time, regularity is the key to a stable and visible result.

Injection techniques, which are currently intensively used for correction and prevention of age-related changes, are actively used in our center. They are gentle and necessary continuation of regular care and allow you to solve many of the tasks that the doctor and patient set for themselves. We use only modern methods and techniques; we use the best and certified drugs that have proven to be effective in the world practice.

You should remember that the synergy between the patient and the cosmetologist is the key to an ideal stable result, and regular skin care is a necessary part of the lifestyle of a modern person. It is excellent medical training, clinical experience outside the framework of dermatovenereology, open-mindedness, desire and ability to learn that allow the specialists of our center to successfully realize the wishes and dreams of our patients.